the learning.

Impactall 2D

Impactall 2D is a solution to an age-old problem of making learning intuitive for students and teachers. The content provides an in-depth understanding of the topic wherein students and teachers can quickly browse through the slides and gain a holistic understanding.

Impactall 3D

Impactall 3D makes learning easier, fun and more intuitive. You can see and interact with the 3D models in the slides without having to download or open the animations in an external browser.

Impactall VR

Impactall VR gives you the power to learn through practical applications in virtual environments. For example, you can perform experiments in high-tech labs, explore the human body from within, travel to the galaxies and/or visit ancient civilisations. Immersive learning has the potential of not only enabling a deeper understanding but also of evoking emotions and shifting perspectives.