What we do

We deliver highly enriched learning experience with the use of advanced virtual reality content mapped to the school curriculum, leading to an immediate increase in the academic performance of students. Research shows that engagement with the subject results in a better understanding of the topic, increases knowledge retention and motivates students to develop passion for the subjects they are studying.

Through virtual reality we don’t just transform traditional lessons into an immersive learning environment, we let them access worlds never before possible. Students can explore atoms, molecules and cells at large scale or journey through the entire cardiovascular system to understand how the human body works.

Immersive learning has been deployed in sports, industries and entertainment with record success, and if these elements are made an integral part of the school curriculum our students will be in a much better position to scale the towering heights in future.

Why Impactall?

Virtual reality is one of the most expensive technologies in world and that is why it is still chiefly used in military and gaming industry. We provide this surreal transformational experience to students, who are our most valuable resources, at affordable prices so that we can take them on adventures they will never forget and at the same time enable a much better understanding of the topics they are studying.

Critical thinking Creativity Curiosity Problem-solving Higher retention Global awareness

What can be better than enabling a deeper understanding, higher retention and improved critical thinking by replacing a 40 minutes class with a 3 minutes high quality immersive experience?

Our Values

We are strongly committed to creating a holistic and exceptional learning experience. Our services and products are not just designed for students but also for teachers and educationists to help simplify their teaching process.

We are able to create and achieve what is deemed impossible because of our resilience, passion and commitment to give back to the society. Our team is a mix of individuals who are energetic, initiative-driven and passionate about our common goal of revamping the education ecosystem.

We harness creativity of every individual by giving them a vision-driven environment. Each member of our team has a distinctive method of approaching a problem and we encourage them by helping them find the best possible way to achieve their targets. Our mission of making education come alive keeps us motivated to innovate every day.