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Use technology to create experiential learning in classrooms. While classroom teaching and textbooks are important, they are not enough. Students require hands-on experience for the development of their cognitive skills.

Immersive 3D Platform

3D Models


  • Online and offline access
  • Zooming and rotating of 3D objects
  • Hands-on experience through 3D virtual labs
  • Walk-through in virtual environments
  • Microscopic and dissected views
  • Labels and explanations to enable in-depth understanding
  • Pedagogically structured curriculum-aligned topics
  • Automatic updation of latest content

How does Impactall empower students and teachers

Impactall 3D helps overcome usual obstacles faced by learners and instructors. The 3D models enable cross -section and longitudinal study to give a better understanding and higher retention. All in all, 3D learning is informative but in a fun way.

Higher Retention

Visual and auditory elements of 3D models ensure that a learner has a better understanding and higher retention compared to other modes.

Cognitive Skills Development

Research has proven that interacting with 3D simulations leads to enhanced memory, thinking and understanding  in the learners.

Creativity & Curiosity

It encourages learners to explore unfamiliar concepts, hence enhancing their curiosity.

Steep Engagement

The immersive and interactive 3D platform creates a virtual environment in the classroom which makes the learner completely immersed.

English Grammar Lab

English grammar expert program works on the basic foundation of English language - Grammar. Proficiency in grammar helps the learner master the English language.


The course includes fun and engaging videos covering all grammar topics in detail. The core concept of English language are explained through real life situations and examples. The Videos are pedagogically designed thus maintaining the interest and attention of the learners throughout the class.


English grammar expert is a comprehensive course that works on improving writing and presentation skills. Since it focuses on in-depth grammar understanding, it also builds fluency and confidence in reading and speaking. Overall, it delivers mastery in English language.


The course is divided into 4 levels to cater to the need of different types of students. Each topic is logically structured and divided into different levels in a way that completion of all levels leads to grammar expertise..