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We help schools automate the complete assessment process - right from creation of tests to generation of results. It is an effective tool to improve overall performance as it leaves teachers with more time to focus on teaching.

Training & Coaching institutes

We help coaching and training institutes achieve their objective of getting the best results. Using this platform, unlimited mock tests and practice tests can be created to give extensive practice to the students. Most importantly, it helps you keep parents in the loop.

Corporate Training

Corporates can use eLAS for continous training and assessment of their employees.The platform can be used for creating skill based tests, domain knowledge tests and leadership assessment tests.

Marketers /surveyors

The online test and response collector can be used as a survey tool by marketers to collect useful information and feedback from customers.


All-inclusive platform

  • Create unlimited timed tests
  • Choose between creating practice tests and exams
  • Add image and text based questions

Data Management

  • Test repository
  • Automatic detailed student report repository generation
  • Question repository

Time Saver

  • Import questions from Impactall databank
  • Automatic assignment of tests
  • Automatic provision of solutions/explanations

Reports & Analytics

  • Automatic scoring and ranking
  • Quiz-wise reports
  • Student-wise reports



  • Allows students to take tests at their own convenience
  • Tests can be taken on PC or mobile

Practice tool

  • Serves as an excellent practice tool by taking unlimited mock exams
  • Mock tests based on the pattern and time of actual tests

Reports & Analytics

  • Comparative analytics
  • Instant scoring and ranking on test submission
  • Solutions with explanation
  • Subject-wise, test-wise and level-wise reports


Reports & Analytics

  • School performance report (branch-wise)
  • Teacher performance report
  • Student performance report

Competitive Edge

  • Unlimited exam and practice tests for improving student’s academic performance
  • Improve results by making students familiar with the exam

Cost Saver

  • No set up cost
  • Save the hefty cost of paper and printing

Efficient System

  • eLAS controls complete management of assessment system.
  • Reduces probability of errors


Monitoring tool

The parents get round-the-clock access to ward’s assessment reports

Pre-emptive tool

No need to wait for PTMs, take pre-emptive action to improve your ward’s results

24 * 7 access
The tool is available 24 X 7 and tests can be created on any device anywhere
  • All data & online quizzes are delivered over secure HTTPS/TLS protocol
  • Students can access the tests securely using an institution code
Device Agnostic
  • Available on Web and Android
  • Can be used on any device i.e. PC, mobiles, tablets


Competitive exams

Psychometric tests

Customer satisfaction surveys

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